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Crystal Salt
Crystal Salt

Recent Testimonial from one of Our Wonderful Customers

I received my order today before noon! Just wanted to thank you for the nice note you put in about being out of the 2.5 pkg and giving me 3 of the 1.25 pkgs!  Thank you very much!!


We've been using your wonderful product for a few years - the pouches (I was buying from Amazon) and I always brag to people how great it works! My sister bought some for her garage. And I've seen it in action with a skunk! As soon as he got close, he quickly did a 180 turn and ran the other way out of the garage! We don't have a big pest or snake problem (not since I've been using your pouches by our garage door) Prior to that, we'd get snakes in our garage!)  but thought I'd try the snake repellent this time for around our boats down at the lake. And, thanks to the extra, I put some on the outside beds that surround our garage.


Thank you very much!  Have a blessed day!



Winter Haven, FL


Static Cling

The revolutionary new type of pest prevention that uses Magnetic Energy in our particles to cling to insects, snakes and small rodents.


These Revolutionary Granules and Sprays are 100% Safe to Humans, Pets, and Plants, and require no chemicals or traps to provide long-term protection from pests.


Sniff 'n' Stop products with Magnetic attraction are ideal for use in homes, outdoors, on lawns and gardens, and provides an economical, non-toxic solution to your pest problems. Best of all, our products are easy to use and long lasting.


Get rid of your pest problems today without pesticides with our Sniff 'n' Stop Magnetic Attraction Products.

Crystal Salt
Magnetic Attraction
Red Ant being micro-shocked

Our Particles Cling to Pests like a Magnet - They Want to Stay Away! 

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