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E-SAP (Electro Static Activated Polymer)

This technology uses Negatively Charged Magnetic Energy instead of harmful chemicals.

  • E-SAP is safe and effective for both utility crews and the public.
  • It has been proven over time. (almost 3 decades in the market!)
  • Our dedicated technical staff will tailor pest deterrent solutions for all your equipment, vehicles and facilities.

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How Sniff N Stop Works
Animals that are repelled by Sniff'n'Stop

How Pests Are Repelled

We design the right product for your specific need.  All of our sprays, powders and granules contain our proprietary technology of encapsulating and amplifying certain essential oils.

  • When a bug or other pest contacts Sniff’n’Stop, it gets confused and upset.
  • It then releases fear pheromones.
  • Then the pheromones act as warning alarms their species to STAY AWAY!
  • No traps, strips, pads or mess, just a pest-free home.
  • Attention, Fluffy and Fido:  We also carry a full line of products to keep pets free from fleas, ticks and other troublesome pests.

IPole Protects Your Utilities

IPole repair products provide complete solutions to both fixing the structural damage woodpeckers may have created on a utility pole as well as preventing future damage at that location.

The IPOLE amazing foam (expanding polymer concrete) not only expands to twice its size, but it has other properties engineered into it that cause the foam to penetrate through any decay to bond into the undecayed wood. Once cured it will flex and move without separating from the wood. This is most critical during stress-causing events like high winds.

Most hole fillers will adhere to the decay, but the decay itself does not adhere to the good wood. These fillers do very little to repair the structural weakness and the untreated decay continues. With IPOLE-WPK, the decay is actually sterilized. To top it off, it has an odor that repels woodpeckers.

This odor will remain potent for an extended period of time. To ensure it will last as long as the useful life of the pole, the foam is impregnated with microencapsulated “bursts” of this noxious odor that will only release when a bird pecks into the repaired area. The deterrent process repeats every time it is pecked.

The science of stopping and preventing wood decay
Wooden utility pole

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