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Sniff’N'Stop Sponges


I placed the Sniff’N'Stop sponge in a street light that I’d replaced late last year. I mean this is an area where nearly every street light is chewed. Where I expected to find squirrel damage there wasn’t even a bug in there. You could eat off the inside of the globe that we put in there it was so clean. The stuff really works!


Gainesville Regional Utilities lineman



Sniff”N’Stop Odorant Pads


Sniff’N'Stop truly saved the day! I kept hearing scratching sounds in my attic when I worked in my office upstairs. It creeped me out! I had to get to the bottom of what the heck was making the noises. To my surprise and horror, I found out there were bats over my ceiling and in the rafters of our house! We talked about doing a lot of things, sought out “professionals” who wanted $500 to $5,000 to rid us of our problem. We didn’t have that kind of money so we continued our discussion. Then my upstairs office began to smell like a bat cave. I am not Bat Girl, so I was very distressed. It got hard to work up there especially as it got warmer outside. That is when my husband found out about Sniff’N'Stop by ICorp. We had a grandson living with us, three dogs and a cat so poisons were not an option, not to mention, killing bats is illegal in Alabama. Sniff”N”Stop got rid of the bats in one application, after they were gone my son and husband used the Odorant Pads to keep the bats out. The bats have been gone for over a year and we have not had anymore problems. The process was inexpensive and effective. And, I now no longer feel the urge to hum the Batman Theme song every time I climb the stairs to go to work. Thank you Sniff’N'Stop and thank you Phil Landers!


Rick & Cindy Harless


Alabaster, Alabama



Sniff’N'Stop RV Kit




The product you sent me worked great. It even kept the mosquitoes and moths to a minimum inside the camper. I will definitely spread the word. I know of Several RV’ers that are interested in the product from last season. I think you’re on to something.


Myke Weis


Brighton, Colorado



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