THE ENERGIZER Concentrated Diffuser Oil 1 oz.


Sniff’n’Stop patented encapsulation process amplifies a powerful blend of unique essential oil aromas that confuse pests. Easy to use, Sniff’n’Stop natural pest deterrent products are safe and effective.

Created by Nature – Naturally Enhanced by Science

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THE ENERGIZER Concentrated Diffuser Oil

UNLEASH THE POWER! . THE ENERGIZER – COLD PLASMA – CONCENTRATED DIFFUSER OIL uses a revolutionary new technology that combines harvested ElectroMagnetic Energy with Essential Oils. * Can kill 99.9%of Airborne Viruses. Medical Research has found that when diffused, COLD PLASMA can clear air of harmful pathogens and viruses. Diffused, THE ENERGIZER’s  negative ion energy cleans the air of these harmful pathogens and viruses. THE ENERGIZER’s select Essential Oils can BOOST the Immune System.

THE ENERGIZER – COLD PLASMA – DIFFUSER OIL is extremely concentrated. As our research and development scientist, Phil Landers states, the diffuser oil possesses “all the Sniff’n’Stop technology rolled into one product.”

Phil Landers reminds us, “Because essential oils are so potent, a little bit goes a long way.” They are condensed and intensified through our technology, which uses Negatively Charged Magnetic Energy instead of harmful chemicals.

It’s true people love the Sniff’n’Stop sprays, however in the Diffuser Oil, Sniff’n’Stop‘s Negative Ion generating technology really fits well with the new trend in Diffusers.

IN DIFFUSER: Mix 1 Drop of THE ENERGIZER to 100ml of water.  Extra drops of Essential Oils can be added.
IN Plug-In DIFFUSER: Put several drops onto wick.
ON FACE MASK: Put several drops of THE ENERGIZER onto mask.
OTHER APPLICATIONS: Apply with carrier oil on cotton pad.

Sniff’n’Stop and SniffAway products contain NO PESTICIDES and are safe for use around you, your family, and pets.
Buy ORIGINAL Sniff’n’Stop® and SniffAway® natural pest deterrent products directly from the manufacturer. MADE IN THE USA under US Patent #6,596,204.
* 2019 University of Michigan Research Study

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