Pathogens and viruses surround us as autumn blends into the winter season. Influenza, colds, and viruses bring a dark side to the delights of the changing seasons.  Even as our bodies learn to adapt to cooler temperatures, we feel the onslaught of these pathogenic enemies.  No wonder our noses and sinuses react.

Pathogens Can Add Illness and Deplete Our Natural Energy.

We Have Explored How Science Can Help You Enjoy the Cooler Days Ahead.

This week, just as we were thinking about the oncoming winter pathogens and viruses, we received a blog comment from Mr. Bob Green. Now, seldom do we have blog comments that we can use as a basis for an entirely new blog.

However, given the concentration of pathogens in our late autumn air, we feel we must share Mr. Green’s experience and commentary on our Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil.

Pathogens, as well as Pests, Flee from Sniff n’ Stop “Energizer” Diffuser Oil

We begin this article with the words Bob Green wrote directly on our blog commentary. He stated, “I received “The Energizer” yesterday. I’d been becoming increasingly congested to the point it felt like someone was sitting on my chest last night. Couldn’t think clearly, fatigued, couldn’t work.

So I get this Energizer and put 3 drops into a diffuser and began breathing the mist. When I got up this morning I was breathing much better and will run it throughout the day. Might be a bit early to post a review, but I’m breathing and very happy with this product right now. Giving it a 5. Oh, smells really great too.”

We would not presume to attach a medical diagnosis to Mr. Green’s congestion. However, for several blogs, we have been discussing the advantages of Diffusing Oil, its formula of natural Essential Oils, and its micro-shocking energy.

So, it seems, we sometimes neglect to mention the more personal health benefits of our Diffusing Oil.  Mr. Green definitely experienced them.

Experiencing the Sniff’N’Stop Diffusion Oil and the Energizer Effect

Everyone Has Felt the Sudden Onslaught of a Winter Pathogen or Virus.

As he breathed in the mist of the diffuser, Bob Green experienced the complex technology packed with three decades of Phil Landers’ scientific research.  You see, in the words of Phil Landers, “Because Sniff’n’Stop’s nano-sized particles are negatively charged, they ionically adhere to positively charged surfaces…”

That means the minuscule nano-particles within our Energizer Diffusing Oil cling to pathogens and viruses just as well as they cling to insects.

Then, at the microscopic level, the tiny electrical charge fights a pathogen or a virus, in the same way, it deters other pests—with micro-shocks. (It’s no wonder we call it the “energizer.”) Thus, if Bob Green had encountered some pathogen, virus, or even tiny pollens and air pollutants, which were congesting him, the “Energizer” formula went to work.

A Few Words on Congestion…

When Pain Strikes, Feel Better Fast Without the Use of Over-the-Counter Drugs.

And let us pause to remark that we have sympathy for anyone who is experiencing the congestion pathogens, viruses, and seasonal allergy.

  • As the experts at Healthline state, “It may make it difficult for you to breathe or sleep. It may also cause painful pressure behind your eyes,
  • Likewise, such congestion might make your nose run constantly, or cause an annoying cough. Some essential oils may clear up nasal passages and relieve sinus pressure and other congestion symptoms.”

However, as we have explained previously, our formula goes far beyond simple combinations of essential oils.  “And here is the really timely truth that goes far beyond “feel good” aromatherapy:

The micro-shock technology not only works on insects. Additionally, it also disperses 99.9% of the pathogens and viruses in your air. By the way, if we have evoked your scientific curiosity, at this precise website, you can discover more about this scientific formula and phenomenon with an original and insightful paper by our founding scientist himself, Phil Landers.

The Natural, Electrical Power Encapsulated in Our “Energizer” Diffusing Oil Formula

Due to the exclusive formula of our Energizer Diffusing Oil, Bob Green must have experienced some of the same feelings you have felt when you inhale fresh, clean air after a thunderstorm.

Nature uses the electromagnetic energy of the storm to clean up the very air we breathe. That is similar to the natural energy we encapsulate and amplify in our “Energizer” Diffusing Oil. We think it’s pretty amazing that you can use our Sniff-n-stop Diffusing Oil to clean up the pathogens in the air of your home.

And as we have stated previously, clean air, at the microscopic level, is an immune-boosting advantage in every room.

To experience it, simply warm 3-4 drops of our powerful Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil in your diffuser. Then, let it waft through your room.  Now you know the micro-encapsulated nano-technology in Sniff’n’Stop products harnesses natural electromagnetic power.

Pathogens Can Ruin a Holiday Season.

Sniff’N’Stop Wishes You a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.

Soon it will disperse pathogens and viruses that might be floating in your air. You will notice the cleaner, clearer effect within moments.  And your breathing just might become easier.  To put it simply, that’s the Energizer Effect on your nose and sinuses.

Enjoying an Attitude of Gratitude

We extend special thanks to Bob Green for his blog comments on our Diffusing Oil. And, as always, we thank our readers for visiting our Sniff’N’Stop blog. Speaking of Thanks, let us take this opportunity to recognize this season of Gratitude.

The owners and staff send our readers, friends, families, clients, and vendors a wish for a hearty and sincere Happy Thanksgiving Greeting!