Mouse invasion time is here.  We warned you that the cooler fall transitions would start to bring invasions of mice as fall transformed into winter.  And, even as we look forward to our winter holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza, we again see pests scurrying indoors for our warmth and food.

The mouse invasion is on the march, headed directly for our homes, garden sheds, city warehouses, and country stables.  At Sniff’n’Stop, here in Orlando, we know you dread using poison, chemicals, or nasty traps to quell the mouse invasion.

Mouse Invasion Moving Indoors:  Prepare Your Home without Poison

Natural Deterrents are the Way to Stop the Mouse Invasions.

Mouse Invasion Time Comes With Winter Holidays. Chase Mice Away the Natural Way.

If you are visiting us in search of natural ways to avoid the onslaught of mice, you have found the correct website to defend yourself.  We all learned mice ran in groups, back in nursery school:

“Three blind mice…three blind mice…They all ran after the butcher’s wife. She cut off their tails with a carving knife!”  Did you ever see such a sight in your life as Three Blind Mice?”

Even when this writer was young, the butcher’s wife seemed blood-thirsty. Picture books showed they only wanted a few kernels of corn, a little cheese, and a warm nest. Plus, the poor things were blind—Yes, some of us thought the farmer’s wife must have had pretty good aim, for her bloody revenge.  (We also knew most mice were not as lucky as the little guy in the Tom and Jerry cartoons.)

Well, most mouse invasions are not blind. Likewise, throwing knives at them is no way to make them or their friends and descendants go away.

In Search of Ways to Deter the Winter Mouse Invasion

The Happy Holiday Mouse is Not Allowed in my House. Sniff’N’Stop Sends Them Far Away.

Contrary to what you might believe, Sniff’n’Stop does not want to kill these mice, much less deal with the gruesome after-death mess. (Cringe!)

Sniff’n’Stop provides you with cleaner, greener, leaner –and never meaner solutions.  But before we reveal it to you, let us enhance your knowledge of natural ways to discourage the mouse invasion in the first place:

First:  Fortify Against the Winter Mouse Invasion

Mice are neither blind nor stupid—and they are wiggly acrobats. They slip into your home through bite-sized holes.

1.       Sign, Seal, and Secure:  Caulk your cracks around doors and windows. Experts remind us to “Pay particular attention to places where utility lines (cable, television, etc.) enter your home, dryer and fan exhaust vents

2.       You might even find gaps where your foundation meets your “siding and seal gaps there, too. Fill larger holes with a backer rod or stainless steel scouring pads first, so the caulk doesn’t collapse.  ”Well, Shut the Door– and Discourage Your Winter Mouse Invasion!

So it’s a sunny winter day, but leaving the door ajar is all it takes to invite the mice to find a nice warm winter home in your workshop or kitchen.  We know we’re being bossy, but we advise you to tightly shut doors and add weather-stripping to those doors if needed.

3.       You Have a Pest Door!  That pet door is also a pest door.  And do not count on the pet that uses it to help control the mouse.  Additionally, we recommend you use electronic pet doors. Ordinary flap-style doors are open invitations to mice. (If you like their convenience, switch to an automatic pet door that only opens when triggered by an electronic chip on your pet’s collar.)

Next, let’s regard the casual style of summer life as over.  No more leaving paper plates and dishes around the kitchen or den, or in open wastebaskets.  Plus more good habits will help:

Take Your Home off the Rodent Winter Menu

Cleaning Up Crumbs is a Natural Way to Keep From Sharing Treats With Mouse Invasions.

We know you are aware of these behaviors, but let’s stop shedding crumbs everywhere.  Expert home-makers at the prestigious Women’s Day Magazine know all the answers.

  • Tuck dry foodstuffs into air-tight canisters.
  • Picture this:  Fido and Muffy are sound asleep, but you hear the crunch of pet food.  Yup. That is a mouse—or a rat. So, Pick up your pet’s food at bedtime.
  • Sweep away the mouse buffet, off of counters and floors.  Tiny invisible crumbs collect in eating areas, no matter how careful we try to be at meal-time.

Sniff’n’Stop Doesn’t Chop off their Tails!

Now that you have a grasp of some of the natural ways to take a stand against winter’s mouse invasion, let’s add some easy products to assist you. Remember, as we have previously explained, our products deter pests, they do not cripple or kill them.

All organic Sniff’n’Stop products use the natural power of essential oils and electronically charged nano-technology micro-encapsulated polymer particles. Our formula dazes and micro-shocks them. Especially in time for the 2020 Mouse Invasion, we introduce you to the Odorant Pouches.

1.       We have built convenience in our economically priced Odorant Pouches.

The Mouse Invasion: Don't Let It Happen to You.

Mouse: Don’t You Dare Come Into My Home!

No, you do not open them. Simply take them out of the outer bag. Then, tuck them in the corners of your workshop, shed, or stable. Additionally, put them behind boxes or barrels, even in the cupboards or cabinets.

Drop them in closets. You know all the little places mice might love to hide or travel to find food.  When the mice encounter a packet, the scents of the essential oils confuse them. Likewise, even more, repulsive to them than that initial sniff, our patented formula gives them our famous micro-shocks.

Dazed and dazzled by the effects, they run away.  Plus, they send out pheromone messages to communicate their fear to others of their kind.  No more mice.

2.       Especially for your cabinets, closets, and shelves,

Sniff’N’Stop: Safe For Children and Safe For Your Pets. And Doesn’t Hurt the Mice.

We have our Place and Press Sniff’n’Stop Odorant Pouches.  These packets have a unique peel and stick surface on one side. Thus, you can place and press these odorant packets on the wall above, the floor-line. Stick them to the inside wall of cabinets, cupboards, and shelves.

For example, you are probably constantly moving cleaning supplies in and out of the under-the-sink cabinet. So it’s preferable to stick your Sniff’n’Stop mouse deterrent pouch to the wall of the cupboard. Thus, you keep the floor freer.

In your RV or camper, the advantage is obvious:  sticking your mouse deterrent to the cupboard wall is far better than letting it glide back and forth on the floor of a cabinet or shelf as you travel.


Thank you for reading our blog.  Sniff’N’Stop leaves you with this thought for the holidays:


Blessed is the Season

which engages the whole world

in a conspiracy of love.

By Hamilton Wright Mabie