Insect threats are the last thing on Laura’s mind as she gleefully decorates her large porch for the autumn holidays.

With the idea of covering Halloween and Thanksgiving and celebrating the fall season, she has brought in mini-bales of hay, stacks of plump pumpkins, colorful squashes. Then she added wreaths, and plastic vines of orange paper leaves, and cute straw-stuffed scarecrows.

We all know these are the standard decorations beloved by home decorators across the USA at this time of year.

Decoration Warning:  Insect Threats of Autumn

Insect Threats Are Just as Real In the Fall.

Look Out For Autumn Decorations. They Can Attract a Host of Insects Into Your Home.

She, like many of us, has no time to contemplate the consequences of introducing these items to her cozy yard and porch. Thus, in this blog we intend to educate our readers about one of the biggest secrets of the season:

Fall brings its own legion of insects and pests. They are intent on invading the warmth of your autumn home.  Brian Kunkel, an entomologist stated, “Insects don’t technically hibernate in winter. But insects go into diapause, a dormant state that allows them to withstand cold temperatures.”

Brian Kunkel is a University of Delaware entomologist. He states that this technique allows many summer pests  to survive some of the harshest winters. They also survive by taking up residence in your home. And whether they are active or in diapause, we see them as threats to health and cleanliness.

It could be that, with the disappearance of summer’s mosquitoes and flies, we get a sense of over-confidence about insect threats.  But, as the temperature cools, the autumn insect threat to your warm home’s health and safety looms as large big as the summer swarm season.  If the seasons were Halloween Horror movies, we would have to name fall, Swarm Season 2.  In this article, meet the invaders, discover some of their secrets, and learn the natural, non-poisonous way to prevent them from becoming permanent boarders in our homes.

Ants: Not Just Summer Picnic Invaders

Keeping Insects Away, the Natural Way.

Rodents as well as insects will love Laura’s pumpkins as they begin to rot in the warmth of the days ahead.  Also attracted by the food source, spiders, ants, and roaches will lay eggs in the straw of the cute scarecrows. Bees might even swarm in their empty heads, as the workers try to build up honey in time for the coming winter.

According to a recent Stanford Study, ants rush to your home in response to how wet and cold it is outdoors.  So, the weather outside dictates how many marching lines arrive in your home to find food and warmth.  We hope you are protected by Sniff’N’Stop deterrents, in preference to harmful poisons or messy chemical traps.

What Happens to Bees and Wasps in Cooler Weather?

Fall is a busy time for bees and wasps. This is because they are not only feeding, they are also storing up food for the coming winter cold.  We have a special product to deter them so you don’t have hives or wasp nests on your front porch or in your scarecrow’s heads.

We remind you, Sniff’N’Stop does not kill bees or other insects. It simply dazzles and confuses them so they leave the premises.  See our previous article with the comments of our Sniff’n’Stop scientist Phil Landers, to discover how these products work.

Insect Threats: Autumn Brings Arachnids (Spiders)

Although they are technically not insects, you will see quite a variety of arachnids (spiders) in your house as fall continues. Perfect characters for Halloween, these 8 legged pests will invade your home. Or– (surprise!) they may originate within the confines of your house.

Spiders are Only One of the Insect Threats of Fall.

Spiders Are No Fun When They Hatch In Your Home.

Spying on the Spiders of Autumn

It might surprise you to know that many spiders have evolved specifically to live with you. They have spent thousands of years adapting to house-life. Notable among them are the American house spider, the cellar spider, the domestic house spider, and the cupboard spider.

How do they get into your home?  Their eggs are embedded in wood, furniture, flooring, and walls. Many of them will never go outside.

  • Fear not, however, we can deter them with Sniff’n’Stop odorant granules in our cupboards and closets.
  • Inside the convenient pouches, you will find the natural way to stop these pests:  A thick envelope of granules permeated with Sniff’n’Stop’s powerful blend of unique, time-released, pest-deterring essential oils.
  • The aroma of these oils, while pleasant to us, is repulsive and frightening to these 8 legged pests.

Roaches:  On the Roll for Indoor Life

Roaches are looking forward to indoor life at this time of year.  They don’t mind the outdoor life in the summer, but they won’t survive a freeze. So they seek to become your unwanted fall and winter boarders.

Special Sniff’n’Stop Warning Against Cockroach Threats

Beware, cockroaches are disease-carrying insects. They can cause plague, salmonellosis, and typhoid. Likewise, their shells and feces cause asthma attacks.  So let’s keep them away with odorant granules in our cupboards and Sniff’n’Stop diffuser oil in our diffusers.

You might not have time to appreciate the 30 years of technological research that goes into emulsifying, encapsulating, and amplifying our product. However, you probably will recognize our beautiful, natural, and organic ingredients:


Autumn Leaves Can Make Family Fun. But They Can Also Hide Insect Threats and Even Insect Swarms.

  • Cedar oil.
  • Cinnamon oil.
  • Citric Acid.
  • Clove oil.
  • Geraniol oil.
  • Lemongrass oil.
  • Rosemary oil.

Additionally, you will find Mint oil and Peppermint oil. Together, they “create an Ion Charged fragrance barrier that stops pests.”

Science and Technology Against Insect Threats

Let us remind you of our safe and effective scientific background at this point.

  • “Sniff’n’Stop patented encapsulation process amplifies a powerful blend of unique essential oil aromas that confuse pests.” Once pests are confused by the micro-shocks in either the oil or the granules, they are glad to depart your environment.

We incorporate only the finest essential oils in our Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil. And, did you know our odorant pouches last a year or more? This makes them long-lasting as well as effective.

Feeling Safe and Secure from Insect Threats

During this Halloween season, Sniff’N’Stop products empower you to say “Boo” to all the insect threats and other pests. In addition to the above-listed ants, spiders, wasps, roaches, and other insects, you can frighten away mice, rats, and snakes.

We are happy to report that Laura, the housewife in our opening paragraph, became aware of the fall insect threats. Consequently, she put our Odorant Pouches in the cabinets of her kitchen, bathroom, and garden shed.

Sniff’n’Stop To the Rescue

To finish preparing for the indoor invasion of fall insect threats, she set up a diffuser in her living room with 4 drops of our luxurious Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil. She added the drops to a carrier oil of 6 drops of pumpkin spice to capture the scent of autumn indoors.

Enjoy Your Home in the Fall… Free of Insects… The Natural Way.

However, in the tropical décor of her den, she set up another diffuser with a simple Sniff’n’Stop diffuser added to a carrier almond oil. Thus she could maintain the clean, naturally fresh scent of the Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil. Finally, she moved her Porch decoration into a display area further from the house and off the porch.

She even put Odorant Pouches in the heads of her silly scarecrows.  And she felt better about her pumpkin décor when she put a couple of packs under those bales of hay in her makeshift pumpkin patch.