Insect deterrent can actually change a life, especially the correct deterrent.  If you have been following the blog articles here at Sniff’n’Stop, you have been learning about the philosophy, products, stories and science our insect deterrent products.  But you have never read a blog like this one.

The Perfect Moment:  Blogger Meets Insect Deterrent

Insect Deterrent Renewed My Life in the Forest.

The Real Person: Blogger and Outdoor Adventures.

This blog article is unlike any other I have ever written.  That’s because you are about to read a personal story. You see, I normally keep very quiet about myself because I am the professional blogging voice behind the Sniff’N’Stop brand.

You read new words from me about every ten days, but I am a real person. Let me add, before I go into my story, that I have never in the 15 years of my blog writing career, written about a product that I did not believe in.

That being said, I have also never stepped out of my anonymous character and safety to endorse or give testimony concerning the dozens of companies my words have represented. And I can never say that again because I am going to write my real-life true story in this blog. It will be true and straight from the heart, which is the only way I know how to write.

My Personal Experience with Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil

My Secret Place: Inside a Bubble of Sniff’N’Stop, I Began Writing This Article.

Late last spring,  I first learned about Sniff’n’Stop and first talked with Phil Landers, the scientist behind it. I  interviewed him extensively and studied a great deal before writing that first Swarm Season blog.

Then came the acid test; my Sniff’n’Stop Infuser Oil arrived, carefully packaged in its wrapped and padded box.  Little did I realize how much it would change my life.  But I am getting a little ahead of myself. You need to know a little more about me.

Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil: Insect Deterrent in a New Formula

You don’t have to know much. But I need to preface my comments with the unexaggerated picture of how my allergies and asthma ruled my life.  Imagine the most allergic person you have ever met and then multiply their worst reactions by a factor of 10.  And you have—me.

Due to the thriving insect life in my outside world, I became a creature of the indoors.  Since I was about 8 yrs. old, I have carried an emergency kit of Benadryl and injections of epinephrine.  (Yes, I was thrilled when the auto-injectors came out—but that comment tells far too much about my age.)

Misadventures With the Insect World

Allergic to All the Insect Deterrents.

Allergies and Injections Became a Part of My Life Before Sniff’N’Stop.

I almost died of a reaction to a bee-sting at four years old. And at 8, I was carried out of Girl Scout camp by ambulance and blinded by simple mosquitos. And I won’t even talk about prom night.  My own allergist looked at me with sad eyes and told me there must be a planet for me somewhere, but it was not earth.

Other horror stories of my early years could be interesting, but it is sufficient to say that outdoor activities like riding a bike, going on picnics, and nature hikes were nightmares—Until I found Sniff’N’Stop, that is.

Medicines made sleepy and 14 years of de-sensitization injections did not work. The outdoors was a lost and forbidden world. You see, gnats and mosquitos, much less spiders, wasps, and bees were really terrible health threats.

Are You Allergic to Insecticides and Repellants?

Over the years, I tried many popular insect personal sprays.  Indeed many highly allergic people try to use traditional sprays.  You guessed it; I was allergic to them.

Likewise, my well-meaning friends recommended several so-called natural sprays. However, I found them highly ineffective. Just a walk in the neighborhood would mean welts from mosquitos or tiny gnats on my sensitive skin.

When COVID-19 restrictions closed my gym and my mall, I lost my only indoor walking environments. I positively mourned the loss of outdoor exercise.  That was when I met Phil Landers and discovered Sniff’N’ Stop insect deterrent.

Finally, a Natural, Organic Insect Deterrent That Really Works

Believe It Or Not:
Mosquitoes Actually Left Little Holes in My Flesh.

Phil Landers introduced me to Sniff’N’Stop.  With Phil Landers’ coaching, I shook up 4-5 drops in a 12-ounce spray bottle of water with a few drops of my own almond essential oil as a carrier oil.  The adventures began.

10 minutes from my home is a forest, nature preserve, and marsh.  At first, it was a curious experiment.  Then, as I felt a bubble of safety from my insect enemies, I discovered the vigorous joys and benefits of walking in the outdoors.

The Safety Bubble of Spraying with Sniff’n’Stop

You have to see Sniff’n’Stop in action to believe it.  With my own eyes, I saw the Sniff’n’Stop effect on a large, angry wasp.  It burst out of a honeysuckle bush.  I froze as it blocked my path.  But it began rotating madly mid-air, chasing its own stinger.  The creature was dazzled, dazed, and confused. Then, it flew in a sort of staggered and jagged bee-line in the opposite direction.

The wasp was experiencing the micro-shocks caused by the proprietary formula and technology used in the creation of Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil. The insect was terrorized by the painful perception of the oil. The moment was mysterious and convincing, a haunting demonstration of truth in advertising.

Thus, I began my first real summer of walks and hikes. My walks began with a quarter-mile, then into the woods for a half-mile. My ramblings are now 1 ½ to 2 miles long at least, every other day of the week and twice on weekends. The marshes hold wonderful natural mysteries for me.  And yes, I have even gone “glamping.”

Sharing My Personal Insight

The deep forest holds no fear for me and now, as fall begins, I have learned the pleasure of hiking. By the way, the Sniff’n’Stop diffuser oil I warm in my diffuser has stopped spiders from invading my art studio.

Likewise, beetles have gone crazy in their attempt to get off my front porch.  However, those are other stories and perhaps future blogs.  For now, the big news is that Sniff’n’Stop diffuser oil has given me the great outdoors without the dangers of insect bites. It is a life-changing experience.

As the Old Song Goes:
“I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes.”

I feel obligated to share this personal insight because I know there are others like me who could benefit from this wonderful line of products, especially the versatile Diffuser Oil.

You see, there was one summer night I forgot my Sniff’N’Stop. I came home suffering from dozens of deep bites and allergic welts from walking through the woods and into the marsh.

Since that horrible experience, I have never forgotten my Sniff’N’Stop protection.

“I am Charmaine Beleele And I Approve This Blog–and Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil.”