Sniff'n'Stop Outdoor Protection

Never let bugs ruin a good camping trip or outdoor adventure again. The protection you need can be found with Sniff’n’Stop. While effective on pests this product is 100% safe for family and pets. We are the secret to happy camping.

  • Everything you need to keep your RV and camp-site pest free so you can enjoy the outdoors.
  • Former Product of the Year in the RV Industry.
  • We provide a safe product that deters pest by encapsulating and amplifying essential oils.
  • With Sniff’n’Stop products you can keep the ticks, chiggers, mosquitos and fleas off you and your children.
  • Even bedbugs do not have a chance against the technology of Sniff’n’Stop.

Before heading out on that fishing or camping trip stock up on Sniff’n’Stop Natural Pest Deterrent products.

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Sniff'n'Stop Home Protection

Bugs be gone! Sniff’n’Stop is here to save the day.  Whether it’s ants and roaches in your kitchen, or bedbugs in the bedroom, they are no match for Sniff’n’Stop. Sniff’n’Stop combines nature’s most effective pest deterrent essential oils along with the earth’s energy to stop these pests in their tracks and send them scurrying away forever.  This naturally safe blend of products will keep your home free of irritating and potentially harmful pests.

We have the right product for your specific need.  Sprays, powders and granules containing our technology of encapsulating and amplifying essential oils confusing the pest, they release fear pheromones as a means of warning their species to STAY AWAY!  No traps, pads or mess,  just a pest free home.

We also carry a full line of products to keep your pets free from fleas ticks and other troublesome pests.

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Sniff'n'Stop for Horse Lovers

Sniff’n’Stop is the new best friend to horses everywhere. Horses are relieved by this gentle yet powerful deterrent to disease carrying pests. Everyday horses face the struggle of being fed upon by midges, mosquitoes, flies, and an array of other bugs. 

Using a patented process and Natural Pest Deterring Essential Oils our Equine product line is safe and effective.  Whether it is Peel n Stick Odorant Pouches in the feed room, or our Fly Freedom shampoo additive in the wash rack choose from our huge selection of effective deterrent sprays and powders that keep pests off both horse and rider.  We even have a Chew Breaker spray for that new puppy. 

The use of Sniff’n’Stop, along with good stable management, are the perfect combination for happy and healthy horses.

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Utility Pole Repair/Protection

Wood poles have been used for many decades to support telephone and power lines throughout North American and all over the world. Over time the wood poles used to support these lines become structurally compromised due to Wood Decay Fungi and Wood Eating Bacteria as well as woodpeckers. The decay and bacteria must be stopped to prevent further deterioration and failure of the wood.

IPOLE-WPK uses a Structural Expanding Epoxy Polymer Concrete to uniquely repair existing damages and prevent further decay. The attacks of fungi, bacteria, and woodpeckers can be stopped in its tracks with the use of this revolutionary product.

ICorp-IPole Specialty Products is an industry leader in structural woodpecker hole repairs  and a  supplier of  natural pest deterrent products for equipment and facilities.  I-Corp has been supplying Power and Telcom business around the world with the most advanced technologies of natural pest deterrents products both for personal  protection and equipment maintenance for over 28 years.

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