Immune Boosting Power is a big concept that people are embracing as we face the “twindemic” threats of Flu season and COVID-19.  In our previous blog, we premiered information Sniff’n’Stop Diffusing Oil. It comes to you not only with pest deterring capability but also with an immune-boosting benefit. As we anticipate a season of fighting viruses, Sniff’n’Stop Diffusing Oil is our perfect ally for this time of year.

A Little Science and Technology Behind Immune Boosting  Power

Immune Boosting Power Can Make a Difference in Your Life.

Power of Pulsed Electromagnetic Can Add to Your Health.

We know you realize that Sniff’n’Stop’s Diffusing Oil deters insects, mice, and other pests. But did you know it can actually clean pathogens from the air?  If you have a scientific curiosity about how our green products work, you might want to read or review our previous blog.

In this blog, we will expand your understanding of the science behind the properties of this extraordinary diffusing oil.  We feel the science behind this product is important because it forms the basis of many of our pest deterrent products.

How to Control Pests without Harsh Chemicals:  Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy  

Once you discard the idea that you will use harsh insecticides and maintain a green environment, where do you turn? Our company turned to one of the most powerful elements in nature, the Power of Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy.  Most of us have noticed the fresh, clean smell and feel of the air after experiencing a thunderstorm with lightning. That is electromagnetic energy.

Nature uses the electromagnetic energy of the storm to clean up the very air we breathe. Likewise, you can use our Sniff-n-stop Diffusing Oil to clean up the air in your home. And clean air, at the microscopic level, is an immune-boosting advantage in every room.

1. Put simply, Sniff’n’Stop products harnesses natural electromagnetic power to stop pests in their tracks and turn them away. (That’s why our logo, the insect, “Sniffy” has such a confused and horrified expression on his face. He is repelled and repulsed, and almost flying backward in horror. His only impulse to distance himself from our product as fast as he can. And, we can tell you his terror is contagious to all the other insects in his range.)

2. Our company has used this power for 30 years. We even use it to repel decay in the wood of telephone poles, but that is another blog. In fact, this technology is so important, it has its own page on this website.

Your Green Air is Clean Air With our Immune Boosting Power Diffusion Oil:  Identifying Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy (EMF)

  • “Live it up” with Fresh, Clean, and Bug-Free Air. Sniff’N’Stop Has Your Answer.

    Many other forms of electromagnetic energy have become part of your life. You have felt static cling.

  • Likewise, you have probably made toast and coffee by plugging appliances into electrical wall sockets.
  • We take for granted that we can connect through the air to gigantic cell phone towers that allow us to communicate over great distances.
  • But in today’s virus-ridden world, we find it most important that pulsed electromagnetic technology can clean the air of pathogens, viruses, and more. And it is inherent in our Diffusing Oil, as it wafts through your bedroom, ridding you of pests and cleaning the air.

How We Harvest Pulsed Electomagnetic Energy and Harness It into Our Exclusive Formula for Diffusing Oil

Thus, all four of the above examples have “one thing in common, they all are sources of Pulsed Electromagnetic (EMF) Energy.”  Now, let’s go to the next step:  How in the world does Sniff’n’Stop harvest and then harness this energy into precious Diffusing Oil for you?

Needless to say that much of our process is proprietary, so we cannot give you all the secrets behind this immune-boosting, air cleaning formula.  However, we can tell you that we use “a polymer encapsulation process known as an Electro-Static Activated Polymer or E-SAP for short.

Just as you wrap foods in static electricity when you use kitchen wrap to cling around your sandwich, E-SAP wraps essential oils with negative ion energy cells.  To put it more scientifically, “E-SAP combines Pulsed Electrostatic Energy with natural essential oils to create electromagnetic Essential Oil Negative Ion Energy Cells…”

Zap With E-SAP

To make a long process short, that is when the positively charged virus or the-also-positively-charged-Sniffy-the-Insect, gets “zapped” with charges of negative ions.  The negative ions “are microscopic charges of electrostatic energy that are often associated with lightning and the clean fresh air one experiences after a thunderstorm.”

But, remember, Sniffy doesn’t die. He doesn’t make a mess, he just, as we stated in the previous blog, vacates the premises and tells all his little buddies to do the same thing.

Thus, as it warms in your diffuser, our Diffusing Oil works like this:  “When used with pest-deterring essential oils, E-SAP creates nano-size Microscopic Pest-Deterring Energy Cells…” And it is E-SAP “that magnetically draws the pest-deterring essential oils to the unsuspecting pest.” ZAP with E-SAP.

Free your air of insects, pathogens, and dust particles. Then, you automatically boost your immunity.  Pathogens and dust particles, bonded with the negative ions generated in our formula of essential oils drop harmlessly to the ground.

We now feel validated in our research by recent research from the University of Michigan in 2020.  Their work expanded the application of the E-SAP harvested energy to use in combating today’s problems with pathogens and viruses.

They found that Micro Shocks similarly generated “can Inactivate 99.9% of airborne viruses and pathogens “on the fly.”

Terrific Immune Boosting Power Take-Aways from our Diffusing Oil.

Immune Boosting Power

Try Sniff-‘n’-stop Diffusing Oil and Feel Invigorated by the Pathogen-Free Air.

As we often do, we will frame the technical side of our commentary within a few quick demonstrative story elements.  Today’s mini-story introduces you to Katelynn Johnson, who owns a bed and breakfast.  She won’t utilize any harsh cleaning or pest deterrent products in her 15 bedroom country Victorian Inn. You see, she believes in today’s green environment and in natural products.

Just as she despises harsh chemicals, she refuses to use barbarous mousetraps, caustic poisons, or messy insecticide solutions. She only allows her cleaning and maintenance crews to use natural products at her appropriately named Greenhouse Inn.

Over recent years, she has gained a reputation for her luxuriously soft sheets. Imagine her popping them over the beds in her sunlit rooms as her

It’s not her organic detergent or natural fabric softener that has caused the amazing softened effect. It is not even the fabric itself. They are standard hotel sheets. But their softness is just a side benefit of the Sniff’n’Stop diffusing oil.  She will show you how to prove this. She instructs you to rub your fingers together in the slightly steamy air over her diffuser.

As you feel the softness generated between your fingers, you are feeling the power of electromagnetic energy bonded with our essential oils.  Then, as you walk away, you breathe deeply. And you feel invigorated by the pathogen-free air. By the way, your fingertips are still slightly soft.

You might never visit the Greenhouse Inn, but you can certainly enjoy all the immune-boosting, insect deterring, sheet softening, air cleaning benefits, of Sniff’n’Stop, Diffusing Oil.