Gallamping a very clever word that describes a style of camping that joins two fine American pastimes. It puts together the words camping and galloping. Thus, the term “Gallamping” combines elements of horseback riding and camping. It is also known as horse camping.   (It also cleverly reminds you of the trendy “glamping,” a pastime about which we previously wrote. However, Gallamping is a much rougher sport.) As we enter September with a breath of fall in the air, it’s the perfect time of year for the Sniff’n’Stop blog to bring you information about this unique kind of camping. 

Horse Camping:  Gallamping Adventures

Gallamping Is an Exciting Adventure for a Child and His Parents.

Horse Camping or “Gallamping” Can Be a Dream Come True for Any Child.

In our previous blog, readers met Grant and Hanna Parker and their two sons, Mike, age 8, and Chris, age 11. They were roughing it a little by tent-camping in a well-forested, mountainous area with a nice cliff at their back and a view of valleys and peaks in the front of their tent.

As the children explored the nearby woods and trails, imagine the kids’ surprise when they heard the soft clip-clop of horses approaching their campsite. They watched as Sam Lucas and his wife, Shelley, expertly guided their horses into a clearing, dismounted, and greeted the family.

“Yoo-hoo yelled Shelley. “We are Gallamping near you!” Grant and Hanna were’ really surprised. They had known Sam for years and planned this whole meeting to delight the boys.  Sam and Shelley had ridden in from a horse camp with several other horse owners, in a meadow, less than an hour’s ride away.

Special Horse Camping Note to Readers

Maybe, like the boys, you never heard of Gallamping. Maybe you didn’t know there are horse camps.  Such places exist in many states. For example, you and your horse can “camp overnight at one of six state parks in Florida’s central region with equestrian facilities and trails.” 

Horse camping is also popular at Kissimmee Prairie State Park, which “has 100 miles of multi-use trails through 54,000 acres of dry prairie lands…” It features “special equestrian camp-sites that have adjacent individual paddocks.” 

Some horse camps are primitive, and some Gallamping sites have stalls, corrals, hitching areas, and water toughs, all ranch comforts for horses, and concrete tent pads for humans.

Sam and Shelley Lucas often enjoy the “4,500-acre Lake Louisa State Park, near Orlando…” There, they found “a four-horse paddock near a primitive camp shaded by a longleaf pine canopy.”  (By the way, if you have horses or are fascinated with the idea of horse-camping in Florida, Sniff’n’Stop advises you to check out this reliable online resource about places to go.)

Learning about Horse Camping and Gallamping Care: On with the Gallamping Story!

To get on with our story, soon the two families relaxed on camp stools with lemonade. Meanwhile, the two boys petted the horses and bombarded Sam and Shelley with horse camping questions.  Chris, the 11yr. old thinker posed his question carefully.  “What’s the most important thing I have to know to go camping with my horse when I get him?”

Taking Horses Camping Requires Careful Preparation, Planning, and Packing… Don’t Forget Your Sniff’n’ Stop!

Sam grinned and answered, “Hydration.  My horse Toni, doesn’t much like water except what we have at home. I make a point of bringing water with us in the horse trailer. Then I dilute the horse camp water with a cup of ours so it has a familiar taste.

Shelley agreed. “We start preparing our horses a week in advance.  By the way, Chris, it’s not like in the cowboy movies.  In fact, most horses just don’t like strange water.  I know it’s hot so I start giving my horse, Tipi, electrolytes in her grain, or the second bucket of water days in advance.  That way Tipi rebalances her fluids before we hit the trail.

Shelley added, “One of our favorite expert trainers, Steve Edwards even uses Gatorade. And that’s not so much for the electrolytes. Actually, it’s because the horse likes the familiarity of the flavor at home. So, at camp or on the trail, Edwards puts a cup of Gatorade into the bucket of unfamiliar water.”

Preparation is Key to Successful Gallamping

Patting Toni’s neck, she took a deep breath and stated, “But, Chris, I say you need to know the 3 p’s too:  Planning, Practicing and Packing. All three are all special keys to preparing your horse and yourself for a little over-night Gallamping trip like this one.   She added, “If you are really interested, I’ll be sending you some websites to read and you can learn more. For example, how to pack your horse.”

The Sniff’n’Stop Story:  For Horses at Home and at Camp

Suddenly, Mike burst out with, “Hey, why don’t they have any flies on them?”  Obviously, Mike had seen fly-infestations around horses previously. However, these horses were so clean and polished. They seemed like magical beasts.

Sam chuckled, “Well, Mike, why don’t you have any flies on you?”

He answered, “Mom sprayed me with Sniff’n’Stop! (He was referring to Sniff’n’Stop Natural Protective Spray.) I don’t get mosquito bites either!”

Sam said, “Same thing.” Chris was surprised, “You mean they make Sniff’n’Stop stuff for horses?”
Yup, he said, “They sure do—lots of different stuff.”  See Tipi’s beautiful bug-free mane? And feel her coat. No bites on her skin.”

At Home or In Camp, You Can Depend on Sniff’n’Stop Products to Keep Your Horses Free of Insects.

Shelley added, “We put special Sniff’n’Stop in their shampoo.  Sniff’n’Stop calls the product, “Fly Freedom Shampoo Additive—it works like a charm. We just mix an equal amount of Fly Freedom Shampoo Additive with their regular shampoo and add water. Then we lather them up and give them their normal wash-down.”

Chris’s Mom, Hanna, grinned knowingly, Remember when we first told you folks about Sniff’n’Stop Natural Protective Spray?”

Sam answered, “Yeah, then we checked out the website and saw they had a natural, organic products for our horses as well as ourselves.” And we will not go Gallamping and put up a tent without spraying the walls without our Sniff’n’Stop Multi-Purpose Protection Spray.

A Horsey Habit You Might Not Know

Little Mike was meditating on Tipi’s muzzle, petting her velvety nose. “Hey, she has really big teeth.”

Sam laughed again. “Her teeth are about the best thing about her.  She had a real chewing problem, practically ate her stall.”

“Really,” said Mike, wide-eyed. “I didn’t know horses could do that!”

Then, Sam stood up and brushed off his jeans, “Yup, Sniff’n’Stop to the rescue again!  We have a dozen horses and they all like to chew stall, window ledges, door-frames, fences, and corral rails. Next, he pulled up into Toni’s saddle.  We sprayed Tipi’s stall with “Chew Breaker Spray.”  She wasn’t even interested in biting on the wood after that. And you bet we sprayed every horse’s stall after learning how well it worked.”

Terrific Sniff’n’Stop Take-Aways

Shelley added, placing a foot in her stirrup, “What I like best about all the Sniff’n’Stop products is that they are genuinely organic. They are truly natural. We read they are made of essential oils, so they are not at all like regular pesticides at all. I wouldn’t put anything on Tipi that would hurt her.”   (You can read more about how Sniff’n’Stop works at our special technology page.)

She eased into the saddle and stroked her horse’s neck.  The families chatted about other things. Then, as the sun sunk lower, Sam and Shelley Lucas rode off to the horse camp. And that night, Chris could have sworn he could feel reigns slip between his hands as he drifted off to sleep.

A Special Note from Sniff’n’Stop

If you could have gone home with Sam and Shelley Lucas, you would have seen quite a few other Sniff’n’Stop products on the shelves at their little ranch.

  • Certainly, they use the popular Odorant Pouches to keep mice out of the barn and spiders out of the tack room.
  • And they would never leave Tipi and Toni unprotected from wasps and bees. So they keep a generous supply of our Wasp and Bee Spray handy in all their outbuildings.
  • Additionally, they regularly powder down the horse blankets and pads with our Sniff’n’Stop Flea and Tick Deterrent in the convenient shaker-bottle.
Gallamping Provides a Child with the Opportunity to Full-fill His Cowboy Dreams.s.

Gallamping Deepens Your Bond with Your Horse and Sharpens Your Sense of Adventure.

The above are multi-purpose products. So, you do not have to have horses to make good use of them.  You do, however, have to have a horse to go horse camping or Gallamping, as we say.

Therefore, to satisfy your curiosity, you might want the horse camping information Shelley sent to Chris.

However, since he is only 11 years of age, we suspect it will be a while before he buys his first horse. When he does get that horse, you can bet he’ll be taking Sniff’n’Stop products on all of his Gallamping trips.

As always, we thank you for reading our Sniff’n’Stop Blog. And additionally, we hope you enjoyed learning more about our products and the Gallamping trend.