Are you planning a Family Adventure? For many Americans, our coming Labor Day holiday will mean the last big camping adventure of the summer.

Our previous blog high-lighted the new trend to “glamping.” You met Jake and Laura Franklin who found joy in camping with some glamorous twists for their daughters, Lisa (age 10) and Lauren (age 12.) We also featured some amazing Sniff’n’Stop products. These products added practicality as well as comfort to their trips luxurious camping style.

Time for Family Adventure

Some Family Adventures Include Only the Bare Basics. Campers Have Many Styles and Stuff N Stop Supports Them All.

You see, one thing about enjoying life in the great outdoors is that’s it’s just more fun without insect pests like mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, and biting flies.  As we approach summer’s big ending with Labor Day family adventures, let’s review those great products. We suggest you include them in your picnic gear, hiking and fishing, and even your backyard family fun and barbeque area.

Review the Franklin Family Sniff’n’Stop Discoveries

In case you missed that blog, the Franklin Family was delighted when they discovered Sniff’n’Stop’s Natural Protection Spray.  This convenient spray helped control miserable insect bites while the family went fishing and hiking. (They found it to be extra-safe on even Lisa’s sensitive skin.) And why not? It’s made from all-natural ingredients.

  • ·Meanwhile, Jake’s camping secret was Sniff’n’Stop® Granules. He prepared the ground for the girls’ glam tent to discourage all manner of pests, including mice, from creeping into the tents.
  • And Laura loved The Sniff’n’Stop® odorant pouches in her both her traveling food cabinet and her box of blankets and linens.

Please check out the article to discover the easy steps of how to create a Do-It-Yourself Glamping experience for your family. We invite you to read or review that blog for some excellent insight on today’s trendiest camping style for a memorable family adventure.

Introducing the Parker Family and A “Roughing It” Family Adventure

“Roughing it” or Going With All the Glamour Gadgets, You Need Stuff N Stop.

In checking out this new trend, we have found out that there are almost as many different camping out styles as there are families.  So, in this blog, let’s introduce you to the Parker family and their style of family adventure. Although they are not primitive campers, they do believe in roughing it a little when they go camping.

Grant and Hanna Parker have two strapping sons, Mike, age 8, and Chris, age 11. And like our sample family in the previous blog, their favorite family adventure time is shared in the out of doors. This summer, these parents also planned a surprise for their kids.

Instead of their individual little pup tents, this year, the boys got their own big tent so they could feel very grown-up. And Mom and Dad enjoyed the privacy of their own suite in an even larger tent. Grant helped them pitch it while Hanna took photos of all the fun.  And before they begin their set up, this family also sprayed themselves with Sniff’n’Stop’s Natural Protection Spray.

Getting the Family Adventure Set Up

First, Grant showed them how to clear a space, and how to use pine tree branches to have a floor that had both soft areas as well as a flat, hard area. Little Mike said, “Cool, this part of the floor is our couch.” Then, before they laid out the tents, Grant also spread Sniff’n’Stop Rough Granules in the space where they would be positioned under the flooring of the tent.  Additionally, he also put down a heavy tarp to ward off dampness. Likewise, when he finished pitching the tent, he put a tarp above and over as added protection.

Cliff-Dwelling and Snake-Repelling

Keep the "Varmits" Out Of Your Family Adventure.

Tips For Campers Who Dislike Having Bugs, Snakes, and Skunks in Their Camp.

The Parkers had chosen a wooded area that had some rocky ledges. They camped high on the cliff that jutted out from their favorite mountain.

Likewise, their big ledge also held numerous fallen trees. One was right against one side of their favorite spot to set up. This alerted Grant to scatter a few handfuls of Sniff’n’Stop Snake Granules on the rocky side of their campsite to ward off slithery pests.  Then although they did not have glamping puffy air mattresses, the youngsters easily popped up their cots in their wonderful new tent. (They were so proud they did not pinch their fingers.)

As in our previous blog, the Dad sprayed down both tents with Sniff’n’Stop Multi-Purpose Spray. The Parkers do not believe that roughing it means you have to fight bugs, snakes, and insects. And Hanna certainly did not what their camp raided by skunks.

However, as we stated, the Parkers knew about Sniff’n’Stop’s Natural Protection Spray. Amazingly, they had found out from their good neighbors, the Franklins, who lived down the street from their home. (That’s how the good news of natural and organic Sniff’n’Stop spreads. It travels from the testimony of one neighbor to the next.) Check out our website pages for comments from our actual users.

Wise Lessons for Tent Campers: Sniff’n’Stop’s Family Adventure Reminders

Camping Adventures Intensify When the Sun Goes Down. Let Sniff N Stop Help You Prepare.

As they made their camp, Grant taught the boys lessons he had learned long ago.  He reminded them to “avoid setting up near light poles and pools of standing water…” Likewise, he reminded them not to camp close to those campground Restroom Facilities. Even Mike understood that caution.  Those sites will attract hundreds of thousands of flying, stinging, biting insects.  He taught them to select a tent camping site in the wilderness very carefully.

Then, he gave them special tips on protecting the tent, itself.

  • Check out your tent for holes and gaps that invite creatures to enter and explore.
  • Long before the family adventure, check your tent for any rips, holes, or zipper gaps.
  • Set up the tent, with doors and windows all zipped up.
  • Did you know that when ready to put up your air mattress or sleeping bags, you should unzip only part of the way? Then, toss in that bedding and zip it back up, quickly.

Some More Quick Tent-Camper Tips

Always try to enter and exit your tent at high speed.

  • Turn off flashlights during entrances and exits. Of course, bugs are attracted to lights, remember.
  • Put down a tarp or a piece of carpet right outside the tent door.
  • Then, take off your shoes with tent doors closed. Only then should you unzip and “scoot into the door.”
  • As you might have guessed, zip back-up right away and check behind you for unwelcome guests.
  • Caution: be sure to check them carefully for “varmints” before putting them on the next morning.

Camping Take-Aways

Today, we’ve been fortunate to meet two Sniff N Stop family users. The first used Sniff N Stop products for luxury. The other family found the products to be the heart and soul of “roughing it” in the wild.

Family Adventures Can Also Include 4 Footed Family Members.

Thank you for reading our blog. And next time, look for the Lucas Family who has discovered new products that not only help them but also saves their horses from real torture.