Diffuser Oil has been the superpower of a decade of women and home decorators. You step into a home where the owner has imbued the air with warmth and aroma.

Diffuser Oil for Health and Scent.

3 Decades of Research and All Natural Ingredients Have Resulted in Our Product, Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil.

It’s more than room deodorant. It’s more than vanilla cookies baking in the oven. When you sense the aroma, it uplifts, soothes or energizes your mood. That is when you know your host has probably turned on a diffuser.

In previous Sniff’n’Stop blogs, as summer has wound down, we have focused on trends outside the home. We have brought you tips, trends, and stories that show-cased summer activities like Gallamping, tent-camping tips, and the family-surprise of glamping.

Moving from Summer to Fall with New Trends and a New Product:  Diffuser Oil

Along with summer’s newest trends, we also introduced Sniff’n’Stop products that enhanced those summer activities.)  Soon autumn will force us indoors and our blog will shift focus to some indoor trends, articles, tips, and stories.

2020 has certainly been a time when we realized the value of time at home.  Many trends have developed in technology and science to enhance the joy and comfort of family time and home time. Surprisingly, some of these trends, like the use of essential oils in diffusers, have centuries of tradition behind them.

Diffuser Oil and the Heart of Sniff’n’Stop Science and Technology

Now, as fall begins to overtake summer and evenings begin to bring us cool breezes, we find ourselves indulging in home time. And, softly wafting from a diffuser in the master suite, Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil enhances our indoor environment with benefits, technology, and science you might not even know.

Previously we have explained the use benefits of Sniff’n’Stop sprays and granules. But Diffuser Oil is a little different for several reasons:

Sniff'n'Stop Diffuser Oil: Great Science

Autumn Will Bring New Trends and New Uses for Sniff’n’Stop Products. Created by Nature, Enhanced by Science.

1.       Concentrated Potency:   Our Diffuser Oil is extremely concentrated. And, as our research and development scientist, Phil Landers states, the diffuser oil possesses “all the Sniff’n’Stop technology rolled into one product.”

2.      Condensed Value:  To put it simply, he also reminds us, “Because essential oils are so potent, a little bit goes a long way.” They are condensed and intensified through our technology, which uses Negatively Charged Magnetic Energy instead of harmful chemicals.

3.      Big Science:  It’s true people love the sprays. However, in our Diffuser Oil,  Sniff’n’Stop‘s Negative Ion generating technology really fits well with the new trend in Diffusers.

To understand this, realize that diffusers work by atomizing particles and dispersing them into the air covering larger areas. Can you see how that is much more effective for large rooms than just a spray?

However, our Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil does much more than spread

a pleasing aroma. Read on to see what…

Negative Ion-Generating Energy and Your Health

You might have heard that many wellness professionals are endorsing essential oils for diffusers in treatments and well-being. Hence, many “spa therapists, aroma-therapists, massage therapists, and gym trainers are using single and blended essential oils for the treatment…” of several conditions.

These include “insomnia, anxiety, pain, agitation, alopecia, stress, etc. as essential oils provide desired therapeutic effects with minimal or no side effects.”    The key to these curative effects is negative ion-generating energy.

What Negative Ion-Generating Energy

Even in Florida, Summer is Almost Gone. Sniff’n’Stop Will Bring You Tips for the Best Autumn Ever.

Here is where the technology becomes a little complex and why we say this tiny bottle is packed with big science and three decades of proven research.

You see, in the words of Phil Landers, “Because Sniff’n’Stop’s nano-sized particles are negatively charged, they ionically adhere to positively charged surfaces…”

That means the particles cling to insects.  The charge confuses them, disturbs them, and drives them away.  And here is the really timely truth that goes far beyond “feel good” aromatherapy: The technology not only works on insects, it also disperses 99.9% of the pathogens and viruses in your air.

More Scientific Details about Why Sniff’N’Stop Diffuser Oil Works

This is because insects, viruses, and pathogens, in Phil Lander’s words, “scavenge energy from a variety of sources, including friction.” So, to put it simply, if an insect or pathogen moves through the air permeated with Sniff’n’Stop Diffusion Oil, it becomes coated with it.

As Sniff’n’Stop-coated organisms move, the energy they generate from friction generates a painful micro-shock to them. No wonder household pests don’t like it.

It’s called in scientific circles, “the Cold Plasma-Corona Discharge-Micro Shock cycle.” And therefore, the more they move, the more energy is created, and the more of the Micro Shocks are generated. The organisms register an OUCH on the Richter scale and vacate the premises.

If this technology fascinates you, then we suggest you read more about the Power of Pulsed Electricity, right here on our own website. 

Thinking of Power in New Ways: Power in an Eyedropper

Fall Brings Us A Time to Enjoy Our Home. We Show You How to Enhance It with Nature and Technology In Equal Balance.

We tend to think of power in massive forms like sleek new windmill machines and giant solar panels. But research science is also harnessing tiny sources of power, like cold plasma energy and energy from friction.

Phil Landers explained, “Recently Georgia Tech has been using similar technology to our Sniff’n’Stop.  The difference is that they harvest their energy from friction instead of surrounding electromagnetic fields.”

The Georgia Tech Cloth friction is created by individual threads of a fabric rubbing together. We know you will think that must be science fiction. However, it’s a science fact. Phil Landers adds that you might “think that the amount of friction energy Georgia Tech scientists could harvest would be insignificant, but they are using it successfully to charge cell phone batteries from clothes made from this fabric.” And you can read more about that research at this reputable online resource.

The Terrific Take-Away

Hence, you might be using our Diffuser Oil to chase away flu viruses, cockroaches, ants, moths, spiders, and perhaps even the COVID-19 virus. It is healthy protection for the air around your home and family.

Hence, its superpower is its diverse multi-purposes. And it puts high-caliber science to work to boost your immunity against both air-borne pathogens and invading pests. And it does it in a most pleasant way as it disperses your favorite aroma throughout your home.

Immune Booster Recipe:  Mix A few Drops of Your Favorite Aromatic Oil with Our Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil

What is Your Favorite Scent? Did You Know You Can Blend Your Favorite Oil with Our Diffuser Oil to Deter Pest and Boost Your Immune System?

Thus, the fresh, clean, softly minted smell of Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil helps boost your immune system, deter pests, and enhance your good mood.

However, many of our clients like to add seasonal or favorite essential oil scents to our Diffuser Oil. To boost your immune system, we have found some wonderful ideas for mixing a few drops of your favorite essential oil into Sniff’n’Stop Diffusing oil.

Expert aroma-therapist, Emma Carter, inspired this healthy recipe:

  1. Mix three (2) drops each of lemon, lavender, and peppermint.
  2. We suggest you add those drops to 4 drops of your Sniff’n’Stop Diffusion Oil…
  3. Warm it in your diffuser and enjoy its immune system-boosting fragrance.

If your family is sensitive to fragrance, we also suggest a simpler recipe of 4 drops of Sniff’ns’Stop with 2-3 drops of orange for a lighter scent.

As fall deepens, we will bring you more aroma recipes with the familiar spices of autumn. It’s important because, as the weather cools, insects, other pests and pathogens seek the inviting sanctity of your home.  If you prefer not to use dangerous chemicals, Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil will help you repel their invasion.