Camping or Glamping? Insect-free camping without harsh chemical bug spray? We’ll show you how you can do it. In this Sniff’n’Stop two-part blog, we are going to introduce you to three families who use camping to celebrate their time together. It is, of course the perfect time for this summer activity and camping is a great way for families to bond together with shared experiences.

Camping in the COVID-19 Era

Camping Was Never so Comfortable as "Glamping."

Glamorous Safari Style Tent. Note the Lighting.

At Sniff’n’Stop we would be remiss if we did not mention a COVID-19 Caution for all the campers and vacationers in 2020.

So, remember, COVID-19 has caused travel restrictions and special rules in some states.  Therefore if you are going camping in a different state from where you live, be sure to check on the local rules.

This week we are bringing you three family stories about camping styles.  Did you know outdoor family activities are the major “feel good” news story of 2020?

However, we wanted to investigate three of today’s most popular ways to enjoy the outdoors and get back to nature. In addition to useful information about these different styles of camping, we will also show you how to use some organic products that will enhance the pleasure of your camping or outdoor experience.

Glamping:  The Latest Glamorous Twist on Camping  Life

Jake and Laura Franklin never thought they would get their daughters, Lisa (age 10) and Lauren (age 12) interested in camping.  Then, about a year ago, the girls came home from school excited about a concept called “glamping.”  You may not have not heard of this phenomenon. It combines the word glamour with the word camp. At first glance, these two concepts seem to be direct opposites. Read on and discover how these opposites–camping and glamour meet and mix.

Forbes magazine gives us the background to understand this fairly new camping trend.  They stated, “…it is definitely not a new concept, but it is newer in this country. The model has long been used by top tier safari lodges in Africa…”

Additionally, Forbes adds that some of the canvas Safari camps “outshine the Presidential suite at your local hotel.”  At that luxurious level, they are enormous canvas mini-houses which are pitched on permanently floored platforms. They feature nice furniture, lots of cushions, “fine linens, porches, fire pits and often rustic touches.” Some of them even come with their own bathrooms. Check out Camp Long Creek, in Ridgedale, MO.

Glamping in Style

Camping Isn't Like It Used To Be.

Don’t Let Rustic Details Fool You. Glamping Can Have Air Conditioning, Private Bath Rooms, and Kitchenettes.

Westgate River Ranch and Rodeo in our own Sniff’n’Stop home base state of Florida not only has glamping tents, but also tee-pees and railcars.

“This is where Florida nature meets modern luxury and provides a not-so-touristy adventure experience. Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo provides all of the thrill of camping, but without exactly roughing it.”  (By the way, the tents are air-conditioned.)

Terramor Outdoor Resort, Mt. Desert Island, in Maine is another commercial glamping resort. It comes with permanent canvas tents that even feature chandeliers.   Also, according to Forbes, “the Greater Zion outpost of Under Canvas,” gets the honor of being the nation’s leading glamping brand.

“Only few years old, this location occupies nearly 200-acres just 20 miles from the gate of Zion National Park, and is open June-November. Tent amenities include daily housekeeping, organic bath products, wood stoves, and battery pack USB chargers.”

Do-It-Yourself Glamping

But, just as Jake and Laura learned,  you do not have to go to commercial sites to glamp.  Any tent camping ground can provide the space for the popular new pastime of do-it-yourself-glamping.  As the Franklin family discovered, almost any tent can be glamorized sufficiently to create the necessary ambiance. The whole point is to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with a few of the luxuries of home. And add a little splash of pre-planned stylish design.

So, how do you go on a homemade DIY glamping experience? After a little online research, Jake and Laura, who already were experienced tent campers, realized they could transform their regular camping into glamping. All that was necessary was to add a few glamourous, comfortable details to their “ordinary camping items.” Did you know this could be as easy as adding strings of twinkle lights around the inside of the tent?

We Make Glamping Easy

The experts of Glamping or Camping Com give us steps to get set for your own homemade glamping experience.

  1. Certainly, build or buy the right tent… Actually Jake focused on the interior and kept his basic camping tent.
  2. “Get the right bed…”  No army cots allowed in glamping. Jake and Laura bought a comfortable twin air matresses for their girls. Then they added fluffy pink comforters, real sheets, and lots of plush pillows.
  3. “Make some great chairs.” (Jake bought two used wooden chairs and spray painted them soft white. Laura sewed comfy seats and pillows in a pretty rose printed upolstry material.
  4. Likewise, they cut the tall spindly legs off an old vanity dresser and spray painted it white. The other piece of furniture for the glamping tent was an old toy-box. Jake reclaimed it, reinforced it and painted it soft pink. It doubled for packing the bedding, matching pink and white towels and the air mattresses. A child-sized standing mirror added a magical touch.

More Glamping Research Revealed the Glamour Is In the Details

Laura and Jake studied the pictures from the glamping sites above, and discovered their regular camp accessories would not do for the girls’ glamping tent.

  1. They read at Glamping Or “You’ll need a table.” They used the above described toybox for both a table and a bench.
  2. “Get some glam lighting.” Laura’s most exciting find included two adorable pink faux crystal mini-chandeliers and 20 yards of soft pink mosquito netting. They added a small but fluffy indoor-outdoor area rug for a finishing touch.
  3. With the twinkle lights, and the mosquitto netting, they were sure that Lisa and Lauren would be ecstatic. The experts said, “You’ll need a power source.” Frank already had a generator and a cooler.  Laura contributed a cute set of pink Melamine dishes in place of their usual paper plates and lots of battery powered candles for their picnic table. “Finished at last,” Laura said.  Jake answered, “Oh no, now I go to work. All this could be ruined by insects and pests.”

Back to Basics:  Taming the Wild (Insects, that is.)

Laura and Jake Tested Out Some of Their New Camping Props.

With glamping, it is very important to keep uninvited guests away from the environment.  Jake and Laura knew Lauren and Lisa had been miserable on previous picnics. Ants, mosquitoes and chiggers had attacked them. But recently they had discovered Sniff’n’Stop natural pest deterents. 

And that’s why Jake packed his Green Box.  Now, the box was just an old green painted tool box in which he packed his favorite Sniff’n’Stop products for insect and pest control.

Following Strict Instructions from Laura

First of all, Laura had given him strict instructions never, ever to forget their favorite personal insect protection.  Keep in mind Sniff’n’Stop’s Natural Protection Spray is extra safe for skin and clothing. “It’s created with essential oils that are encapsulated, amplified and time-released from inside a negatively charged polymer.”

To put it briefly, it’s natural and organic. And most certainly, Laura loves that because she believes in ecology. She even likes the peppermint-fresh sent of Sniff’n’Stop products. And she does not like to use harmful chemicals or poisons on her family or in her home.  So Jake made sure he always packed their Sniff’n’Stop Natural Protection Spray.

Secondly, Jake checks that he has a special bag of  Sniff’n’Stop® Granules. He checks it and pats it confidently.  He will sprinkle the granules around the perimeter of the campsite.  It will repel, but not harm, unwelcome snakes, mice, skunks and insects. Then he thought of his little girls. They could not feel pampered and glamourous or enjoy the outdoors if they were scared of creepy crawlers. And even Jake had a healthy respect for snakes and skunks.

No Feeding the Mice!

Thirdly, Jake pulls out a couple of The Sniff’n’Stop® odorant pouches. He’ll put one in the bottom of the toy-box-turned-linen-box. This will ward off spiders and mice. The other Odorant Pouch he’ll put in the bottom of Laura’s portable kitchen chest. This is the all important chest that carries dry food, pots, pans and kitchen utensils. Ants and spiders won’t have a chance, with Sniff’n’Stop on the job.

Fourth and Finally, in his Sniff’n’Stop green box is trigger- spray bottle Sniff’n’Stop Multi-Purpose Spray. Jake will lightly spray the Sniff’n’ Stop Multi-Purpose Spray on the walls of the tents. The cold plasma diffuser technology in the Multi-Purpose Spray will repel all kinds of biting, stinging, pesky insects as well as snakes and skunks.  (We’ll be telling you more about this revolutionary technology in future blogs.)

Terrific Take-Aways from the Franklin’s Adventure Glamping, Part One

A Few Comfy Touches Can Transform Camping Into Glamping.

Meanwhile, Laura packs the glamourous props. They have kept every decorator detail secret from Lauren and Lisa.

However, the girls are already suspicious. Lawren and Lisa know they are going to get a big surprise. So, they squeal and giggle as they bounce around their bedroom, packing clothing quickly.

Find out how they like their glamping adventure in next week’s blog. Then you will meet two more camping families, and two other ways to enjoy camping because glamping is not the only way to go.

Now, remember, whether you camp or glamp, Sniff’n’Stop will have your back.  We are your first line of defense against insects and pests.  And we thank you for reading our blog. Please return for Part II, in which we will feature great Tips for regular camping and RV-ing.