Autumn Pests are seeking our homes and sheds for warmth and food.  In a previous blog, we gave a warning.  And now, as autumn deepens its golden hold on us, they are coming. Pests are on the march; the mice, rats, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, spiders, roaches, and more of fall.

If you do not want to use poisons or traps, we know the natural way to fend off these autumn invaders:  Use our Diffusing Oil to Zap em’ with micro-shocks!  Read how in our new blog article below.

Why Sniff’N’Stop Diffusing Oil Works on Autumn Pests– When Nothing Else Does

Autumn Pests Can Make Life Miserable.

A Mouse Can Be a Cute Little Fellow Outside. But He’s Just a Pest in Your Kitchen.

All of the above-listed autumn pests hate Micro-shocks caused by natural energy. That’s why we have designed the micro-shock technology into Sniff N’ Stop. You see, Sniff’N’Stop is more than just a special combination of essential oils. It’s a complex formula that functions in a very special way on pests.  It zaps them at a microscopic level.

1.       Sniff’n’Stop Diffusing Oil or the personal spray insect deterrent doesn’t kill your autumn pests. It simply confuses, dazes, and repulses them with micro-shocks as well as scent. Put simply, the micro-shocks caused by our proprietary formula drive them away. And it’s strong enough to make them stay away.

2.       Plus, the micro-shocks cause pests to release pheromones that communicate danger to other autumn pests of their species.

How the Pests Encounter Sniff’n’Stop

Reptiles, rodents, and insects all have a highly developed sense of smell. Thus, we use their olfactory sense to deliver the micro-shock technology as well as a healthy dose of essential oil scents that are repulsive to them.

1.       Autumn pests don’t have to eat or drink our products. Sniff’N’Stop’s formula uses natural energy to transmit a repulsive smell and micro-shock to the pests at any season.

2.       You see, humans are not that sensitive to natural energy.  For example, we’ve all wiped our feet on a wooly carpet and touched a friend to make them jump. Those are micro-shocks. To us, it’s a minor inconvenience, but to your autumn pests, that type of energy translates into confusion and repulsion. Not only in our Diffuser Oil but in our granules and sprays, you will find this technology as well as our unique blend of natural oils.

3.       Combined with our formula of essential oils, the natural energy bound in our technology hurts the sensitive olfactory perceptions of insects, mice, rats, and snakes. (To put it simply, they sniff it.) Then the micro-shocks begin. The more they react, run, or buzz in panic, the more energy they give to the micro-shock. That’s why Phil Landers, the inventor, calls our Diffusing Oil a “Combination of Amplified Pest-Deterring Essential Oils–with Attitude.”

Sniff’n’Stop’s Diffusion Oil:  Amplified Pest-Deterring Essential Oils with Attitude

Micro-Shocks Sends Autumn Pests Running.

Furthermore, as noted above, once affected, micro-shocked autumn pests communicate to others of their species with fearful pheromones. Consequently, others of their species like mice and roaches will avoid you and your home, your camper, your barn, shed, or camp. After all, to be blunt about it, you don’t want mice to die and leave their carcasses in your camper or shed. You want them to sniff, stop, and go away. And now you know the secret behind our name, Sniff’N’Stop.

Avoid Autumn Pests But Enjoy Autumn Walks

We know you come to this online source for information about deterring pests. However, months ago we also vowed to bring you news and tips on seasonal activities. We feel strongly about protecting your home from autumn pests in a natural and organic way.

However, autumn is a gorgeous season, and we want to remind you that walking through the woods is a healthy and invigorating experience.  People of every age and physical condition can enjoy it.

According to writer Robert Locke, “a walk in the forest or a park with lots of trees may be the healthiest thing you can do.”

Walks in the Autumn Woods: Reducing Stress

Make Your Home a Roach Free Zone with Sniff’N’Stop

In this blog, we saw how powerful scents and natural energy affect the pests of autumn. And scents do have an effect on human health and emotion. It seems that smells are closely tied to the emotional center in our brain. This is why certain smells and scents can sometimes bring us memories from the past.

Researchers at Kyoto University tested groups of people who took walks in the forest. They evaluated the walkers’ stress levels, both on days they walked and on days they did not visit the woods. The scientists concluded that the walks in the woods reduced the chronic stress of the participants.

The scientists also concluded that this happened because of the scents from the pine, fir, cedar, and cypress trees. The scents of those trees filled the air with phytoncides like alpha-pinene and beta-pinene.

Those phytoncides create many essential oils in plants and trees. The scientists discovered these natural scents decreased levels of the cortisol stress hormone.

Tips For a Healthier You

A Walk in the Park Refreshes the Mind and Body.

Remember our Tips for your walk in the woods. Remember also that you are developing a stronger heart and lower blood pressure.  Sniff’N’Stop recommends:

  • Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes.
  • Take plenty of water, and stay hydrated. You’d be surprised how good water tastes after your first half of a mile.
  • If you’re new at walking in the woods, stay on pre-determined trails.
  • Take your sunscreen.
  • Wear your Sniff’n’Stop personal spray or use 4 drops of Diffuser Oil combined with 12 ounces of water in a spray bottle.

Beware of Autumn Pests—and Snakes on Your Woodsy Walks

And, by the way, do not worry about the scent of Sniff’n’Stop products from a human perspective.  Only last week a fellow walker stopped me on my woodsy path to ask me what cologne I was wearing.  It was Sniff’n’Stop Diffuser Oil, lightly diluted into a spray.  Its natural scent is fresh and minty.

Terrific Take-aways from “Autumn Pests? Micro Shock ‘Em”

Luckily, I also sprayed my walking shoes with it. On one that same walk, I was planning on picking up a stick that lay across a wooden bridge on my trail in a shaft of warm sunlight. I walked up quite close to it. Then I saw the “stick” move, quiver, thrash around, and then very quickly slither away.  My “stick” had been a snake. It obviously did not

Autumn Pests Includes a Wide Variety of Unpleasant Creatures.

Be On the Look-Out For Snakes as They Seek Warm Sunny Places in the Fall.

like the smell of my approaching shoes.  Humans like the scent. Pests don’t. Likewise, pests get micro-shocks from our special formula; humans don’t.

At home or on the walking trail, you need to watch out for the pests of autumn.  Remember the micro-shocks explained above in this blog. “Diffusing Oil is a Combination of Amplified Pest-Deterring Essential Oils–with Attitude.”  The micro-shocks it can administer to insects, rodents, and snakes make it very sassy, multi-purpose stuff. Use it in your diffuser or spray it on your jacket and shoes.  I’m pretty sure that the snake on my trail felt that micro-shocking “Attitude.”